Why Marketing is the key for your Business growth.

Why marketing skills are so important to survive in todays computation world? have you ever thought why marketing is so important for any business to survive , sustain and grow? why personal branding is so important? how marketing can make an entrepreneur so successful. well this blog is for those who want to be an entrepreneur, small and medium entrepreneur and those who want to build their personal brand in todays competitive world and stay ahead of computations.

you never knew why marketing is so important for your business. you might have thought your business can run without marketing or your business doesn't need marketing at all . You may even feel marketing is just a waste of money or may feel we should not market about our self. Let customer find themselves and reach us. its a big show off to say about our self in the market. well all these thought were going on in my mind. I was a victim of these thoughts. before I get to know about the fundamentals of marketing.

if you are a small and medium entrepreneur then these questions would have raised in your mind? isn't it? well u got to read this blog completely to change your perception about marketing.

Marketing is very important department for any business to grow. marketing will generate more leads for your business. it even plays an important role in personal branding. personal branding is nothing without marketing. your business wont get the right customers unless you market your business. your marketing should be in a good communication way( it should be like a conversation so that it can build the trust with your customers before selling.) so that the customer should get conveyed by your message about your product or services.

marketing is a science where it helps to understand our customer requirements. its not even just about sales. its all about keeping your customers happy even after sales. so that your existing customer can send more customers with word of mouth. its a game of perception by building a right impression in customers mind about your products or services.

below are the 5 ways on how you can build your personal brand or become a succesfull Entrepreneur/ influencer.

1: Select a field or Niche (the area you are interested and you want to grow)

2: Gain the knowledge and skills.

3: Build your strong influence in your field(Niche).

4:Stay updated and ahead of computations.

5:Dont try to sell immediately. Develop the trust and then exchange your value in the form of money( CATT Marketing funnel)

if we follow above steps then we can build a successful brand.

1: Niche selection: Our Niche selection should be based on our passion, talent and should have market demand for it.

its not necessary that we need to be fixed with our niche for life long. the thing is we need to get started without getting stuck and have progress in work.

our niche selection should solve the burning problem of our customer. i.e we should be passionate about working on it. so that we don't get bored of easily. we should even develop our talent to grow in that field by acquiring the required skills and implement in our work. and their should be demand for our niche in the market. where we can exchange our values or services in the form of money. Thus the combination of all above brings a perfect niche.

2:Gain the knowledge and skills: After selecting your niche its important that you need to gain the knowledge which are essential for solving the problems of your customer and then implement in your business to get the required results and stay ahead of computations getting into the blue ocean.

3:Build your strong influence: It helps to stay ahead of computations and helps to reach your customer so that your customer can develop the trust on you. if we are consistent in building our influence in our customer mindset then we already acquired our space in their mind for the particular problem. Its a game of 1 or 2. people wont remember much if their are more persons doing similar work like you. so its necessary to build your influence by building your tribe.

always people like to hear from a person but not from the brand. so your personal brand should be a bigger brand its a vast and cannot be sold to anyone. your personal brand can give rise to many brands and further those brands can solve your customer problems.

4:Stay updated and ahead of computations: its very important to acquire all the skills required to survive in the market in todays computation world. the only way to survive in computations is to keep updated yourself and to reach more audiences for your products or services. your compotator may copy everything. but by the stage he reaches there. u will be progressed ahead in your business.

5:Dont try to sell immediately. Develop the trust and then exchange your value in the form of money( CATT Marketing funnel): this is one of the most powerful funnel to attract the customers. its also known as gravitational marketing. Here the customer is directly attracted to ur product or services. In order to create wealth. first we need to attract the customers with our content which can solve their burning problem and it should be reached to masses. The content will grab the attention of the customer and then we need to build the authority and trust in our customer mind space related to their particular problem. after gaining the trust then we can sell our products or services to our customers. Its the most powerful way to attract our ideal customers.


apart from CATT their are 2 other ways to attract the customers.

1: Integrated Digital Marketing: its the powerful way of digital marketing where customers are attracted towards our product or service by organically as well as inorganically by integrating all the sources of platform used for marketing to attract more customers. i.e we are using SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, paid ads. to attract more customers for selling our products and services.

2:Direct response Marketing: The other way of marketing is direct Response marketing. here we post our content in the form of blog ,podcast or videos. when your customer gets solution for his problem below their should be CALL TO ACTION. so that it can help them to solve their problem. provided if it is really worth of it. then customer will definitely follow your call to action to get solution to his problem.

so what's the difference between traditional marketing v/s Digital marketing.

in traditional marketing we reach to millions of customers without targeted audience. through newspapers ,Tv ads, radio and other means of communications. Their we cant be measuring the CPL. we wont get accurate facts and figs. But with help of digital marketing we can reach exactly to our targeted audience and we can sell our product or services to them and we can even measure the cost per lead and further it can be minimized. with trial and error. and making small tweaks.

conclusion: Its easy to build your brand in your niche market by occupying the space in their mind for their particular problem by taking small actionable steps to achieve their desired results.

select nichelearn required skills to solve problemsimplement in work to get desired outcome teach others the samementor others in same way to become like you.

create an engaging and problem solving content to attract more customers towards you and build their trust and get their attention, build rapport and then finally sell your product or service to your customers. Remember you have to be only one in your niche to dominate your market.

hope this article boosted you to start your personal branding journey. now is the best time to get started. come out of your comfort zone because your lizard brain will never let you to change and grow. So take small actionable steps to achieve your dream.

Let me know how you felt about my personal branding article and importance of marketing. please share your comments below.

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